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Andrea's Blog

Caribbean delegation take part in CCEDP

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Greetings from Grenada. My name is Andrea McLeod, and I am one of the team from the T.A.Marryshow Community College, St. George, Grenada here in Nova Scotia to complete two CCEDP modules. I arrived knowing that I would be taking modules in ‘Facilitating Adult Learning’ and ‘Evaluating and Assessing’. I knew that I’d be lodging in the dorms at the Truro Campus, and I knew that it would be hard work. What I did not know though was what a great group of people I would meet, and how easy it would be to make some great connections and firm friendships!

The journey to Halifax was long and tiring, so on Monday morning I had hoped for a gentle introduction to the first module – no chance! Dave Freckleton made sure that we started as we meant to go on, at full speed. This proved to be an intensive, but very rewarding course which really made me think about the structure of my lessons, my delivery and content. My group became a second family, we laughed (and nearly sometimes cried) together, and I cannot forget the pearls of wisdom I departed the ‘micro teach’ sessions with. I now know how to inspect a wet suit, wash my clothes without shrinking them (great props Lisa), make apple sauce, and pull off a very convincing card trick. More importantly though I was reminded of how important the communication in the classroom is, thanks Audrey.

Week one was followed by a great weekend break in Halifax. Lovely strolls on the waterfront, good food at the Economy Shoe Shop, and shopping at the mall. ‘Historical Halifax’ has it all, and really knows how to entertain. The people are very friendly and helpful, and always willing to impart a gem of information about the region. It really is like home away from home, just without the blazing sun, but the good weather did make an appearance for a few days at least.

Week two was a little easier, dorm life was good, and new groups and acquaintances were formed. Again, in my group we bonded quickly and taught each other so much. The support was great, and many laughs were had along the way. The highlight for me was the seminar day, where so many assessment and evaluation techniques were shared, and I was forced to look at my course through fresh eyes. These two weeks have really been refreshing, and I cannot wait to put some of these new strategies into practice when I return. However, with the festivities at the waterfront for this last weekend and a fabulous day at Larry’s home on Sunday I’m not sure that I want to leave! Thanks NSCC for a wonderful learning experience.

Andrea McLeod
T.A. Marryshow Community College (Grenada)

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Lorin's Blog

Caribbean delegation visit CCEDP

As a staff of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), Grenada, I was excited when I learnt I was to be part of a team of seven (7) employees visiting Nova Scotia, Canada. Although this was not my first trip to Canada, it was my first trip to Nova Scotia, so of course I wondered if Halifax and Truro will be similar to Scarborough which I visited back in 1996. I am not sure if it is because of my maturity or the company but I have concluded that I am drawn to the life style of the people of Nova Scotia because of their kindness and warmth far more so than I remembered of the people of Scarborough. Again, back in 1996 I was still a teenager, so who knows, maybe if I visit Scarborough today, I might find out that all the people of Canada are the same, extending warmth and kindness to all they meet!

To return to the essence of my blog, TAMCC and the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) are working together to develop a curriculum in Cultural Studies which will be beneficial to our two countries and so as part of the team, four members of TAMCC have been selected to be trained in Facilitating the Adult Learner and five members were training in Assessing and Evaluating Adult Learning. These two courses are part of NSCC's Community College Education Diploma Program (CCEDP). To complete the training five members of the TAMCC team stayed at NSCC Truro’s Campus from July 14 – 26, 2013.

The conclusion of these training left me with the knowledge of how best to incorporate the BOPPPS method into lesson planning. This course confirmed to me, that to totally engage a class room of learners; facilitators need to employ differentiated learning. I am also armed with the different classroom Assessments and Evaluation techniques and methods of incorporating them into my future lessons. Preparing and delivering micro teaching lessons to other faculties and receiving and giving feedback has allowed me to grow stronger in my profession. I believe these new techniques will enable me to understand the current level of my learners and the ability to transfer additional information to them in a most efficient manner.

While the training impacted powerful messages and gave us new insights into many useful classroom delivery styles, assessment and evaluation methods; what was profound to me was the sincerity of the fifty (50) or more Canadian faculty members that experience the training with us. Not once were our suggestions not taken seriously or any recommendations ignored. We were treated as equals in and out of the classroom. Thank you to NSCC and the wonderful people of Nova Scotia. Hats off to our facilitators, Dave, Maria and Taralee!

Lorin Alexander
T.A. Marryshow Community College (Grenada)

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Diana's Blog

Caribbean delegation takes part in CCEDP

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My name is Diana Louard and I was afforded the opportunity to be part of a team of two who journeyed from the beautiful island of St. Kitts representing the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College( CFBC).

One of the best experiences of my life. Adventure and learning, what more can one say. This experience and opportunity that I was given to be a part of the CCEDP course blew away all my expectations. The two week course consisted of academic sessions such as seminars, teaching, presentations and workshops which were led by team of extremely knowledgeable persons who were so willing to impart their knowledge to us.

The first week especially the microteaching lesson I must admit I learnt so much. To be assessed and to get feedback from peers and faculty reinforced what I knew but also helped me to look at myself not only as a teacher but also helped me to see through the eyes of a student. At the end of this session, I actually fell more in love with teaching. I am so anxious and excited to implement and apply some of the techniques and applications that I know will make me a better teacher.

Second week, was more relaxed, but just as insightful. Written assignments, reflections...Did I say reflections on seminars, evaluations...! I learnt about various assessment and evaluation techniques and the important roles these techniques have on the learning outcomes on the student.
With all the interaction I was able to share my culture with persons who might have heard about the island and I in turn learnt so much about Truro and Halifax.. This in itself was an added bonus.

The staff of NSCC was so helpful, always willing to assist in every possible way. The facilitators who shared their knowledge, experiences, feedback all of this were invaluable. The warmest, friendliest people I have every come across were the people of Truro and Halifax . To the persons who made this experience possible again I say thanks.

Am I willing to share experiences and knowledge? In a heartbeat!

Diana Louard
Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (St. Kitts)

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Brett's Blog

International Service Learning Program Med Lab Technology in the Dominican Republic 2013

Day 1: With great excitement, we got the chance to meet Dr. Lambert today at his clinic in the city of Puerto Plata. Having an opportunity to be immersed in the culture around the area and be exposed to the language, atmosphere, and social dynamics of the people has been incredibly interesting. Speaking with Dr. Lambert about his vision for the lab is fascinating and getting to measure the space and visualize what it could become makes the goal for our project that much clearer. All of these things have truly made the trip so far a fulfilling experience and the rest of the week will be life changing!

Day 2: Another incredible day on the trip! We had the chance to visit Dr Lambert’s clinc in the Batey, walk around a bit of the area, even getting to meet a class full of school children who were learning 4 languages, Spanish, English ,French and Creole. This is a great asset for these children as it gives them an opportunity to work in places in Puerto Plata where fluency of languages is important.
This experience motivates me to pursue becoming more multi-lingual, to be able to better communicate when travelling to other countries.

Day 3: It was a great experience to visit a private lab, Coste Norde, today. The lab manager was friendly, energetic and ready to explain the origins of their establishment as well as their plans to expand the operation to include more testing.

The people here are incredibly friendly. They have welcomed us into their workplaces with open arms. Sadly, I can't say for certain that the same mentality is shared in a lot of workplaces in Canada. I feel as though I've gained appreciation for the importance of being positive and the impact it can have on the people around you.

Brett Smith
Medical Laboratory Technology Student
NSCC, Waterfront Campus

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Mallory's Blogs

International Service Learning Program Med Lab Technology in the Dominican Republic 2013

Day 1: After 32 hours of travelling and 3 flights later, we finally made it to the Dominican Republic yesterday. The view while landing was beautiful, the terrain was very mountainous and full of lush greenery. Today we met Dr. Lambert and were shown to the space that we were to design a lab for. While we originally, thought it would be a small lab, we learned today that it potentially be the largest hospitals in Puerto Plata. This change of plans was a bit overwhelming, yet also very exciting. Part of being a medical laboratory technician is being flexible and adaptable. We have already gotten to put these qualities to the test twice during this trip, during our flight change and the change of location and size of our lab design, and we have done so successfully. I look forward to the exciting opportunities in the future and challenges yet to come!

Day 2: oday we went to Dr Lambert’s clinic in Con Greyho (spelling?)
We were able to watch patients being treated and then went for a walk through the village. We were invited into a small school amd met children and teachers. The children were being taught Spanish, English,French and Creole. The children were all very happy and polite and I wanted to be able to communicate with them. There was difinetly a language barrier there and I wished that I had time to learn Spanish before coming here. One of my new goals when I get home is to brush up on my French and Spanish.

Day 3: today we got to visit a private lab in the DR. It was a last minute change to go to this lab instead of another, but the lab director was extremely nice and welcoming. We got a tour of the lab and we were able to ask a lot of questions to aid in our lab design project. We learned a few important things that we had not thought of since we are not familiar with the testing and supply availability in this area, such as including a media preparation room since it is very expensive to buy here. The main think I noticed though was the amount of similarities between the labs here and those at home, especially when it comes to safety and quality. I am excited to use the knowledge I gained today to better our lab design.

Mallory Kennedy
Medical Laboratory Technology Student
NSCC, Waterfront Campus

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