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Micaela's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2012

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 19 days since we first landed in The Netherlands. Only a few more days until we’ll be packing to go back to Canada. Time flies when you’re having fun! I know the majority of us have fallen in love with this country and are not looking forward to going back home.
Today the group went on business visits to Dutchbag and Gasunie. At Gasunie we were given a presentation on the company; when it was founded, how they created the pipelines and much more. Although we were not allowed to tour the main building, we were able to walk around the lobby and see the interior architectural designs of the building. There are rarely any 90 degree angles in the building; the walls, stairs and windows are made with pentagon shapes.
At Dutchbag we were also given a presentation as well as a tour of the facility. We were able to go into show rooms and see the different designer bags. We also got to get a sneak peak of the new collections from Daniel Ray, Axel David, Bagsac and more.
Tonight is the greatly anticipated Germany Vs. the Netherlands football game, which I know I will be watching along with the rest of the country. (90 minutes of football seems like a good study break right?) Go Dutch go!

Micaela Purdy
NSCC Student, Business Administration

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Steve's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2012

So, this adventure is already more than two thirds complete. It is hard to believe, but this is the beginning of our final week here in Groningen. Every single day has provided us with an unexpected surprise or experience; most of which have all turned out for the best.

Our trip to Amsterdam this past weekend was no exception! It was jam packed with informative and fun activities, one of which was the trip to the Rijks Museum. I for one have never been a huge history buff, but all that changed as soon as I walked in the doors. Hearing the stories behind the paintings was very interesting; many of the works and artifacts date back to the 1600's during the time of the Dutch East Indies Trading Company. The stories behind the pieces really sparked my curiosity, and I can say with certainty that from now on I will be looking for the story behind the painting or silver platter!

The whole group of us had a great experience in Amsterdam, and none of us were ready to leave when the time came! So, some of us ended up staying a little longer than others, but that is a story for another time!!


Steven Nabuurs
NSCC Business Administration Student

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Kaitlyn's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2012

My experience so far on this trip has been amazing. I’m writing this blog as we drive home from Amsterdam and there is so much to say. We arrived yesterday around noon and went on a guided tour of Rijks museum. It was so impressive to see all the beautiful works of art; my favourite was of course the Night Watch. Once we finished there we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner; it was delicious. I had lasagna and it was so filling. We stayed at a hostel overnight which I was pretty nervous about, but it was actually pretty nice. I was worried it was going to be dark and dingy, but in reality it was more like a hotel or dorm rooms. After a nice sleep in some comfy beds we got up and had some breakfast. Once we got back into town we had a relaxing canal tour where we got to see different parts of the city. From there we split into groups and essentially all the girls went shopping and the guys checked out the red light district and a bar. In our separate groups we got to check out the Anne Frank museum; it was insane to see the attic and all the artifacts. When we walked around there was no furniture in there, but they had photos of recreations and I can’t imagine having to hide in such a confined space for so long.

After a long day of shopping and visiting the museum we were all pretty ready for the ride home so we could nap. Unfortunately when we got back to the parking garage, the van I was riding in (Team Robyn) had been broken into, and mine as well as two other student’s stuff had been stolen. Luckily we ended up getting our stuff back from Security. Unluckily we still had to deal with the two broken windows which eventually got ‘repaired’. I’m currently sitting next to it writing as the thick plastic is flopping in the wind.

That about sums up the two days we spent in Amsterdam, so I’m going to have a nap which I desperately need.

Kaitlyn McKinnon
NSCC Business Administration Student

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Doe's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2012

Yesterday was our trip to Bremen, Germany, and we visited Beck’s Brewery and Meyer Werft’s Shipbuilding Company. It was unbelievable to look at how big the ships were, and then to think about how much time and money it must take to build one (apparently it’s hundreds of millions of Euros - sometimes billions.) They told us it takes them 2 and a half years to build one ship! We got to see the different stages of the ship building, and look at one that was nearly completed. It was an awesome experience, and it really puts it into perspective just how much goes into making one ship. When we went to Beck’s, we listened to a brief presentation on the history of the company, and then we were able to take a short tour of the brewery itself. Afterwards, we were given complimentary beer so that we could try every flavour. This, too, was an amazing experience. I had no idea that Beck’s had so many flavours, and I enjoyed hearing about their marketing strategies in the past. I found it very relevant to what we’re currently doing in our Market Entry course.

Doe Rae Hudson
NSCC Student, Business Administration

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Katrina's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2012

When I received notice of the opportunity "Doing Business in Europe", I immediately thought that it would be a great experience and I would be able to develop my understanding of international business. I had no idea how much I would actually be learning.
In The Netherlands, I am not only learning about international business; I am learning about culture and diversity as well. We have classmates from all over the world that are sharing their experiences, and their way of life, with us. Our professors come from every part of Europe, and are so full of knowledge and experience; I am grateful to be able to learn from them!
In class, we are learning about how to conduct business in each European country. The country specials are my favorite part of the program, because it is not just business, but history as well!
This experience has taught me so many new things, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this trip! I encourage anyone that has a passion for learning, as well as an open mind, to pursue an international program. Thank you NSCC for allowing me to participate in this amazing program in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Katrina Harris
NSCC Business Administration Student

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