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Livingston's Blog

Caribbean Delegation take part in CCEDP

I have always felt that educators were taken for granted, because of the positive impact we have on the development of societies and more over countries yet in most cases our efforts go unnoticed without reward. The past weeks that I spent in Nova Scotia not only engraved that thought in my mind but opened my eyes to a whole new level on understanding of my contribution as an educator.

Firstly I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the NSCC family who afforded me the opportunity to take part in the assessment and evaluation course. I’m appreciative of the way in which they received me and within such short time made me one of them. The staff, evaluators and participants alike all played their rolls in making it a learning experience like no other.

The course was laid out in such a format that made it comfortable for all, as it was not only a learning experience but a sharing one. The micro-lessons gave us the chance to share what knowledge we had, whether it was a brief history of my country or excerpts from our distinctive professions. Feedback from our peers was very important as they revealed our strengths and weaknesses, where there was need for improvement and or reinforcement, because as educators we are not always afforded the luxury of getting honest constructive criticism from our peers.

I admire the comradery displayed by participants as nothing was too great or small to share. The interesting chatter in the cafeteria or the various excursions to the local pub demonstrated that in the scheme of things we were also allowed to have fun. I can honestly say that not only have I acquired new friends but also a wealth of knowledge and different teaching styles that I have place within my arsenal for future references.

Congratulations are extended to the partnership between NSCC and CFBC as my experience is a testimony of the great relationship that they have started. I do hope they continue to harvest such bountiful rewards in the years to come.

Livingston A. Generlette
Lecturer, Building Department, Technical Division
Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (St. Kitts/Nevis)

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Lorin's Blog

Caribbean delegation visit CCEDP

As a staff of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), Grenada, I was excited when I learnt I was to be part of a team of seven (7) employees visiting Nova Scotia, Canada. Although this was not my first trip to Canada, it was my first trip to Nova Scotia, so of course I wondered if Halifax and Truro will be similar to Scarborough which I visited back in 1996. I am not sure if it is because of my maturity or the company but I have concluded that I am drawn to the life style of the people of Nova Scotia because of their kindness and warmth far more so than I remembered of the people of Scarborough. Again, back in 1996 I was still a teenager, so who knows, maybe if I visit Scarborough today, I might find out that all the people of Canada are the same, extending warmth and kindness to all they meet!

To return to the essence of my blog, TAMCC and the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) are working together to develop a curriculum in Cultural Studies which will be beneficial to our two countries and so as part of the team, four members of TAMCC have been selected to be trained in Facilitating the Adult Learner and five members were training in Assessing and Evaluating Adult Learning. These two courses are part of NSCC's Community College Education Diploma Program (CCEDP). To complete the training five members of the TAMCC team stayed at NSCC Truro’s Campus from July 14 – 26, 2013.

The conclusion of these training left me with the knowledge of how best to incorporate the BOPPPS method into lesson planning. This course confirmed to me, that to totally engage a class room of learners; facilitators need to employ differentiated learning. I am also armed with the different classroom Assessments and Evaluation techniques and methods of incorporating them into my future lessons. Preparing and delivering micro teaching lessons to other faculties and receiving and giving feedback has allowed me to grow stronger in my profession. I believe these new techniques will enable me to understand the current level of my learners and the ability to transfer additional information to them in a most efficient manner.

While the training impacted powerful messages and gave us new insights into many useful classroom delivery styles, assessment and evaluation methods; what was profound to me was the sincerity of the fifty (50) or more Canadian faculty members that experience the training with us. Not once were our suggestions not taken seriously or any recommendations ignored. We were treated as equals in and out of the classroom. Thank you to NSCC and the wonderful people of Nova Scotia. Hats off to our facilitators, Dave, Maria and Taralee!

Lorin Alexander
T.A. Marryshow Community College (Grenada)

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Diana's Blog

Caribbean delegation takes part in CCEDP

group_shot_1.jpg Diana_photo__2_.jpg
My name is Diana Louard and I was afforded the opportunity to be part of a team of two who journeyed from the beautiful island of St. Kitts representing the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College( CFBC).

One of the best experiences of my life. Adventure and learning, what more can one say. This experience and opportunity that I was given to be a part of the CCEDP course blew away all my expectations. The two week course consisted of academic sessions such as seminars, teaching, presentations and workshops which were led by team of extremely knowledgeable persons who were so willing to impart their knowledge to us.

The first week especially the microteaching lesson I must admit I learnt so much. To be assessed and to get feedback from peers and faculty reinforced what I knew but also helped me to look at myself not only as a teacher but also helped me to see through the eyes of a student. At the end of this session, I actually fell more in love with teaching. I am so anxious and excited to implement and apply some of the techniques and applications that I know will make me a better teacher.

Second week, was more relaxed, but just as insightful. Written assignments, reflections...Did I say reflections on seminars, evaluations...! I learnt about various assessment and evaluation techniques and the important roles these techniques have on the learning outcomes on the student.
With all the interaction I was able to share my culture with persons who might have heard about the island and I in turn learnt so much about Truro and Halifax.. This in itself was an added bonus.

The staff of NSCC was so helpful, always willing to assist in every possible way. The facilitators who shared their knowledge, experiences, feedback all of this were invaluable. The warmest, friendliest people I have every come across were the people of Truro and Halifax . To the persons who made this experience possible again I say thanks.

Am I willing to share experiences and knowledge? In a heartbeat!

Diana Louard
Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (St. Kitts)

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