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Melissa's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2013

I am Melissa Kranyak, one of the five students from Nova Scotia Community College that is participating in the Doing Business in Europe program here in Groningen, Netherlands at the Hanze University.

There are only four days left in this three week program and it has been a steady onslaught of homework, sightseeing, Dutch cuisine and Dutch culture.

Last week we went to Amsterdam and visited the Rijksmuseum which I absolutely adored. I saw many works here, some by Rembrandt, Monet, and Van Gogh. The weather was beautiful for this event.

After the museum we were ushered to Philips Headquarters where we observed a presentation given by the CEO Frans van Houten and his global eye employees. At the end of the presentation three groups from Hanze university that are participating this program competed against one another in a mock “Dragon’s Den” event with concept products that Philips may be interested in making. Among them from NSCC were Bradley Cameron (First place winner) and Megan Holley. The prize was a sonic care tooth blasting type floss machine……? We then finished up at Philips with a drink and snack social where we were able to practice our 30 second elevator pitches (which I failed horribly at several times, but that has not discouraged me for the future)

After this long amazing day we went out for a wonderful authentic Italian dinner in the heart of Amsterdam and then retired to our Castle for the night. That is correct, it is not a spelling error, we stayed in a castle for the night. It has a moat that goes all the way around it.

The next day we went through the Anne Frank House and toured around Amsterdam sight-seeing and shopping. I also was able to locate a normal size coffee which made me very happy (Side bar: In the Netherlands and suspect all of Europe, coffee is sold in very tiny increments which does not work for me because I am severely addicted)

The last couple of days have been dedicated to presentation and project completion.

Overall, this is a great program that challenges you in ways that you would not normally experience in your own country. Seeing and learning about how multinational companies operate and restructure has been my favourite part of this trip along with the mentors that are teaching us in the many classes we have each day.

Thank-you Hanze University and Nova Scotia Community College for this opportunity and experience.

Melissa Kranyak
Business Administration Student
NSCC, Waterfront Campus

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Megan's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2013

Megan_1.jpg Megan_2.jpg
Hello! My name is Megan Holley and I am one of the students participating in the Doing Business in Europe summer program at Hanze University of Groningen. I am a Business Administration student at NSCC and I found out about this program through a presentation done at my school by past participants.

Today is Wednesday which means we're officially half done of the program already. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by; it feels like we've only been here a couple of days. Today was the first time I've biked around town without getting lost once! I finally can bike to school and back without taking a wrong turn. It's pretty bad that it took me almost two weeks to learn the route! Other than getting lost a lot, I am loving biking everywhere each day. When I left home I was sure that I was going to miss driving a car, but so far I don't miss it at all - biking is awesome. We've been really lucky with the weather so far as well, I haven't had to even open my umbrella yet!
My stay in the Netherlands so far has been super busy but so much fun at the same time. We have done three tours of the Netherlands and a trip to Germany for a tour of Meyer Werft, along with lots of fun social programs. On Sunday, the group went to The Island of Schiermonnikoog for a cultural excursion day. Schiermonnikoog is a nearby island that is a part of the province Friesland. It is a small island; about 1,000 people live there permanently and biking is almost the only transportation used. Only the people living there are allowed to drive a car there, so there's bike roads everywhere. The island was beautiful and we were able to have some time to explore wherever we liked. I decided to spend most of my time going to the beaches there and just biking around and sightseeing.

We had a short teaching day today from 8:30 until 2pm. We learned about international facility management, followed by a sales training class, and then we had a class about the countries in Eastern Europe. I'm glad our day was a little shorter because we have lots of assignments to work on along with studying for our final exam. This Friday is our trip to Amsterdam where we will visit Philip's headquarters. When we arrive there we are going to have the opportunity to pitch a new product idea to Mr. Frans van Houten - the CEO of Philip's! The class worked in groups to think of new ideas that Philip's could possibly add to their line of products. It's going to be so cool. I probably won't sleep the night before!

Overall my experience in The Netherlands so far has been very positive. The teachers do an amazing job of fitting in all the information into the short amount of time they have for each class. My other classmates and our program coordinators have been great, and most all of the Dutch people I've met have been very friendly. This next week and half is going to go by so quickly, but I'm going to make the most of it and enjoy every minute of it.

Thank you!

Megan Holley
Business Administration Student
NSCC, Pictou Campus

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Doing Business in Europe

Doing Business in Europe 2013

Over the past few days I had the privilege of joining five NSCC business students during their first week of this year’s Doing Business in Europe (DBIE) summer program organized by Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands. This program consists of a combination of academic sessions (workshops, seminars, lectures, and student presentations), site visits to local companies in Groningen, Amsterdam and Germany, and various social activities. The purpose of the program is for participants to learn about the European business environment as well as to increase their professional and personal intercultural skills. NSCC has participated in this program since it was established three years ago, and so far a total of 19 students have participated in the DBIE.

Our hosts have prepared an exciting program with an interesting group of facilitators including faculty members from Hanze University as well as guest lectures from relevant industry sectors. The highlight of the program promises to be a "Dragon’s Den" session with the CEO of Philips and some of the young professionals from this Dutch company (currently employing approximately 122,000 people world-wide).

The Doing Business in Europe Program is organized by the Hanze University Institute for Marketing Management under the leadership and great support of its Dean, Paul Ganzeboom. Maris Keijser is the Program Coordinator and responsible for the excellent organization of the summer program. For the second year in the row, Robyn Wilkie has been hired by Hanze University to assist with the organization of the summer school. A NSCC participant in the first program back in 2011, Robyn is completing her second internship / work placement with Hanze as part of the NSCC International Business Program. Way to go Robyn!

This year’s NSCC participants come from three campuses (Pictou, Truro and Waterfront) and they are another very impressive group of students. It was a great pleasure to witness their enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism during the first week of the program. We have selected another fantastic team of Ambassadors for NSCC, Nova Scotia and Canada. Over the next few days all students will share their DBIE experiences through blog posts on this site. Stay tuned for exciting updates.

Zoran Kondali
NSCC International

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Micaela's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2012

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 19 days since we first landed in The Netherlands. Only a few more days until we’ll be packing to go back to Canada. Time flies when you’re having fun! I know the majority of us have fallen in love with this country and are not looking forward to going back home.
Today the group went on business visits to Dutchbag and Gasunie. At Gasunie we were given a presentation on the company; when it was founded, how they created the pipelines and much more. Although we were not allowed to tour the main building, we were able to walk around the lobby and see the interior architectural designs of the building. There are rarely any 90 degree angles in the building; the walls, stairs and windows are made with pentagon shapes.
At Dutchbag we were also given a presentation as well as a tour of the facility. We were able to go into show rooms and see the different designer bags. We also got to get a sneak peak of the new collections from Daniel Ray, Axel David, Bagsac and more.
Tonight is the greatly anticipated Germany Vs. the Netherlands football game, which I know I will be watching along with the rest of the country. (90 minutes of football seems like a good study break right?) Go Dutch go!

Micaela Purdy
NSCC Student, Business Administration

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Steve's Blog

Doing Business in Europe 2012

So, this adventure is already more than two thirds complete. It is hard to believe, but this is the beginning of our final week here in Groningen. Every single day has provided us with an unexpected surprise or experience; most of which have all turned out for the best.

Our trip to Amsterdam this past weekend was no exception! It was jam packed with informative and fun activities, one of which was the trip to the Rijks Museum. I for one have never been a huge history buff, but all that changed as soon as I walked in the doors. Hearing the stories behind the paintings was very interesting; many of the works and artifacts date back to the 1600's during the time of the Dutch East Indies Trading Company. The stories behind the pieces really sparked my curiosity, and I can say with certainty that from now on I will be looking for the story behind the painting or silver platter!

The whole group of us had a great experience in Amsterdam, and none of us were ready to leave when the time came! So, some of us ended up staying a little longer than others, but that is a story for another time!!


Steven Nabuurs
NSCC Business Administration Student

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