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Grenada Mission – In the Eyes of a Faculty Member

Grenada Project 2013

When I was selected to be part of a great adventure to Grenada with a team of great Ambassadors, my bags were mentally packed and ready to go.
The trip required assisting and working closely with T.A MARRY SHOW COMMUNITY COLLEGE (TAMCC) Staff, Faculty, Students and Shareholders at every level. Future possible NSCC candidates, take note, one day this may be for you.
To be part of such a dynamic team, you actively participate in promoting an international mandate. For example, TAMCC requests all involved to work together to achieve the mandate utilizing each area of expertise.

I, for one, brought my marketing speciality in entrepreneurship to the work group. My colleagues, Christine Jacobson our expert in the world of Curriculum; Katy Orr, NSCC International Director and Manager NSCC International Zoran Kondali, partnered as the backbone of the mission.
Both colleges were like one big family, always stepping up to the plate with 100% participation from each and every representative.

For me, such involvement with NSCC International provides a broader view on educational issues with diverse cultural richness. The open-mindedness leads to a broader perspective, more aware of the multi-facets of educational requirements. I also like to think that I can share that influence with my colleagues and motivate them to actively participate in our international activities.

For those that may be entertaining the possibility of engaging in these worthy events, to expand upon your continuous learning, I urge you to look at the NSCC International Website. It’s contagious....be careful, you may also catch the bug. It’s inspirational, and there’s plenty of support. If you love what you do, what are your waiting for? We work in an environment that is interactive, with many great role models.

Although CCEDP will always be a highlight in my professional life and the Great Teacher’s Seminar was second to none. Oh, then there was also Vietnam, and there I was in with our counterparts in Grenada. What a journey in my portfolio, both are instrumental in my learning development. I thought, I shared, I expanded my educational experience. I have a very large family within NSCC that expands globally. I start each morning with passion and anticipation of what the day will hold, knowing that I have an incredible employer that inspires me to reach further and share with our college.

Larry Bergeron
NSCC, Akerley Campus

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oil down, jab jab, patois, nutmeg and sugar cane...

Grenada Project 2013

jab jab, oil down, luni spark and electrify, nutmeg, carnival, sugar cane plantations, patois, wire bending, Carib, Arawak, French, English, Scottish, Indian, revolution, Ronald Reagan - i've been learning about culture, history, food, music, language, and creative industries in Grenada, and learning some new words in the process.

i am here with a team from NSCC working with our partner college T.A. Marryshow Community College to conduct several days of focus groups with 10 different groups of artists, cultural groups, industry reps, government reps, students, employees, alumni. Together we are trying to understand the challenges and opportunities in the cultural/creative industries sector to support the local college to develop a new entrepreneurship-oriented associate degree program for aspiring artists. To me as an outsider the potential to develop cultural industries is incredible, especially for such a small island of 100,000 people. However, we have heard many stories of the challenges facing artists here, and concerns about the influences from larger countries in the region, and some aspects of the culture that are fading fast, like the local patois.

I'm wondering if I'm just caught up in the idea of something that is new to me, and perhaps the project is more challenging than it seems. Debriefing the next day on the sessions with David Flemming, Marryshow's Dean of Continuing Education, and project manager on the Grenada side for this project - he tells us that the discussions with the focus groups gave him goosebumps, and he and his team are excited to move forward. Sounds good to me!

With a combination of funding from this Association of Canadian Community Colleges project, and potential funding for CARICOM scholarships, we plan to bring 7 TA Marryshow employees to NSCC in July for CCEDP courses, curriculum development work, and related training, mentoring and project planning. We also hope to receive funding for two TA Marryshow students to come to NSCC on a one year exchange in culinary arts at Akerley Campus. We had a chance to meet and plan with this group, and help prepare them for their time at NSCC.

We also brainstormed with our NSCC group and the TA Marryshow team some ideas for an exchange from NSCC to Grenada for a group of NSCC students and employees, for next May/June 2014, related to creative and cultural industries. This is really exciting and will be a fantastic opportunity for students and staff from both colleges!

It was great learning from our colleagues from TA Marryshow, and also from my NSCC colleagues Kris Jacobsen (curriculum consultant) Larry Bergeron (faculty member and entrepreneurship specialist), and Zoran Kondali (project manager, NSCC International).

ps check out Luni Spark and Electrify on Youtube!

Katie Orr
NSCC International

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