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October 2011

John McEnroy's Blog Entry

EEBE Exchange 2011- NSCC

After a weekend of getting to see Peggy’s Cove, which was very picturesque, along with adopting the Toronto Maple Leafs as my hockey team and an early start on Sunday to watch some sports from home with other people from the hostel, I was now ready to get a start to the week ahead. Today we had a lie in as we would be collected by Lisa, Peter and Cynthia to bring us to Lisa’s house which our project is based upon. On the way to the house I drove with Cynthia and she showed us some ports of Halifax on the drive. When we arrived at the house, as a group we got down to work collecting information on the house and surveying the house for the information which our project required. While at the house we were given a tour by Lisa and noticed a number of differences to the blueprints we had been given. While there, a blower door test was conducted! This was the first time I had seen one of these done! Once we gathered the information we all got back into the cars and drove to the next house for the remaining group to complete their work. On the journey, I traveled with Peter who pointed out a number of places which he had worked on and along with the rest of the people in the car (Lucas, Anna, Matt and Jochem) we had a good laugh and developed the line “I am an international student, I was told I can do this and/or be here,” which we all found funny and plan to use during our remaining time here in Halifax. While at the next house we managed to talk to the owner while the group did their work. Once this was completed we traveled back to the College with the information we had gathered, but on the way we stopped into Tim Hortons for a spot of lunch and to continue our great conversation!

- John McEnroy, Student, Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

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Yerun Karabey's Blog Entry

EEBE Exchange 2011 - NSCC

I started the day with reading the brochure of the NSCC building (Waterfront Campus - Centre for the Built Environment) and said to myself: ‘wouldn’t it be nice if my graduating project could be designing a building located in the Netherlands that has the same basic idea of learning from an actual building.’ I think the Netherlands and every other country needs a building like the Waterfront Campus where students study on different levels and learn and get inspired by the building itself. I’m thinking to develop a method for a sustainable campus that can be used all over the world and actually design a sustainable campus in the Netherlands.
We started the day with a conversation with the teachers about the project that turned into a really educational conversation for me about , for example, how homes are heated in Canada and how they are built in Canada. I learned that homes have oil tanks where oil is stored and used for heating the house and a company comes by every three months or so to refill the tanks. This was very strange for me because in the Netherlands we use gas to heat our homes. I also found out that in Ireland they don’t have to pay for their water, but that it is incorporated in their taxes. I also found out that water in Canada is also very cheap compared to electricity that’s very expensive.
For dinner Paddy, James, Arwin, John and I had poutine from Alexandra’s near the hostel which was very delicious. We thought we were very hungry so we all ordered a large poutine but it turned out large here really means LARGE. We didn’t finish and took it with us to the hostel and put it in the fridge for tomorrow!

- Yerun Karabey, Student, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

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Grietje Lier's Blog Entry

EEBE Exchange 2011 - NSCC

This morning we had to take the ferry to get to our first day at NSCC. We were picked up by two NSCC students which made us feel really welcome here in Halifax.
I was really surprised by the new NSCC building and how they try to make it a environmentally sustainable building. This was even more emphasized when we did the treasure hunt in the afternoon. The green walls, solar panels, wind turbines etc. make this building very different from what we have in Groningen.
After introducing ourselves we were divided into groups. I am in a group with students studying architecture, electrical engineering and civil engineering. I think working in this mixed group is the way to get the best out of this project. I’m looking forward to getting started with the project, which deals with two Canadian homes on which we are going to run a program to see how energy efficient they already are, what the main leakages are and what can be improved.

- Grietje Lier, Student, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

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