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February 2012

A scree-laugh in the night

Katie Orr's Blog

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I am in Mikumi, Tanzania and I need Margaret Atwood. She is good at making up words. What is the word for a screaming laugh? A screelaugh? Anyway, she could do better.

I’m looking for the word that describes the sound I made when I discovered the rather large bat flying around the bedroom I was sharing with Claudine Lowry, NSCC Dean of Organizational Learning, at 10:58 pm. The time was significant because that is exactly two minutes before the generator is turned off and the lights go out in the camp, and while the sight of this frantic bat flapping (another new word? Batflap?) around the room had me screelaughing very loudly, I was more freaked out by the thought of simply hearing the batflap in the pitch darkness. Right on time, not Swahili time, the lights went out and I tried desperately to go to sleep. Claudine and I have a history of wildlife interactions here – just check last year’s blog entries, so this is par for the course, but still led to a bad night of sleep.

All this was after an intense day in the Mikumi National Park guided by VETA Mikumi Tour Guiding faculty Ludovic Saronga and Patrick Kipinga and 24 of their students which ended with the sound of a leopard hunting impala next door to our cabin. Unlike last year, when NSCC Academic Chair Audrey Arsenault and I were the only one to hear the big African cat’s growl, this year the Masaai Askari (guard) heard it, and Jim Bate and Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) reps Lynn McDonagh-Hughes and Lisa Dahr heard it too!

Claudine, Jim, Lisa and Lynn and I are all here this week at VETA Mikumi to continue our work on the EFE project. Claudine is evaluating the impact of the CCEDP training for faculty here, Jim is working with the restaurant, conference centre and visitor information staff and faculty on entrepreneurship, and Lisa and Lynn are delivering an introductory “superhost” customer service and industry standards train the trainer session. I am working with the campus principal and various leaders here to plan completion of the final stages of the project.

More updates to come!

Katie Orr
Director, NSCC International

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End of EFE Symposium

33 °C

February 24, 2012
A very hot day in White Sands, Tanzania as the symposium came to a successful end shortly after one with a number of recommendations to the stakeholders. After returning to the Hilton I had a meeting with the director of the hotel association of Tanzania to discuss the possibility of the Mikumi Campus joining the association. This would be a great networking opportunity for them.

I met up with Katie and Claudine in the late afternoon we met to put together another outline proposal for addition funding for an extension to the EFE project requested by ACCC, while waiting for the TIANS reps to arrive.

Jim Bate, NSCC International

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Heating up the EFE Symposium in Dar es Salaam

NSCC International's Jim Bate attends on behalf of the EFE Veta-Mikumi project

Greetings from sunny Tanzania. After travelling for 26 hours I am happy to be back in Tanzania for another wonderful opportunity. I am currently enjoying the EFE-Tanzania Symposium being held at the White Sands Resort, just outside of Dar es Salaam. There are about 60 representatives from all 12 Canadian projects making up the Education for Employment program sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and administered through the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). Christopher Ayo, Ludovic Saronga and I are here representing the VETA – Mikumi project. The first day was a great experience for me and I am learning a great deal about this program and some of the challenges it faces. There are people from industry, government and the education sector all working toward a common goal of getting more of the people in Tanzania trained in vocational and technical areas in order for them to obtain jobs. It is great to see so many people working together to make this program succeed.

Jim Bate, NSCC International

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